Stem Cell Core Distribution

Welcome to the HSCI Stem Cell Line Request Application

The iPS Core serves as a repository for iPS and hES cells produced by HSCI scientists.  While initially the HSCI Stem Cell Core will distribute the available iPS and hES lines to all geographies, when our distribution partners start to make lines available through their channels, the Core will focus on supplying such lines only to the HSCI community. 

Get Started

Procedure for obtaining stem cells:

  1. Place Request
    To find the hES or iPS line(s) you would like to request, browse the catalogue and add the lines you would like to purchase to your cart.  Pricing information can be found on the iPS Core Facility website.  To complete your order, click “Place Request.”  To complete your order, you will need to create an account so that we can communicate with you throughout the ordering process.  When your order is received, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provide in your site registration.
  2. Submit ESCRO Approval & Sign MTA

    Before we can send you your cell lines, you and your institution will need to sign a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and for hES lines you will also need to provide us with documentation of approval from your institution’s Stem Cell Research Committee (or equivalent ethical review committee), or documentation that no such approval is required at your institution. 

  3. Confirm Request & Shipping Info
    Once your ESCRO documentation has been received and approved, your MTA(s) have been fully executed, and your payment has been received, you will need to login here to confirm your shipping information.
  4. Receive Stem Cells

    Once you have confirmed your shipping information, we will ship your cells. When your cells have been shipped, you will receive an email confirming your shipment.  You can also track your shipment by logging into this website.